Hair Problems

What Cause Women to Lose Hair

Unlike men, women do not usually go bald unless they are under the treatment of something like chemotherapy for cancer. Under normal circumstances, women’s hair loss often occurs around the crown of the head. For most women, thinning hair is just something that comes with age and not much concern. However, women who start out with fragile hair in the first place can find themselves with hair that is so sparse it makes them feel self-conscious. At this stage, there isn’t any way to cover up thinning spots on the crown, so at some point, it is better to get information about hair loss than to keep feeling sorry about your appearance.

Doing The Research

The best place to go when you want answers about anything is the internet. If you want information about women’s hair loss but don’t have the internet at home, go to your local library. They will have public computers with high-speed access to speed up your information search. On the web, you will find chat rooms, testimonial sites, consumer product advice, articles, and online stores where you can purchase and learn about anything that has to do with women’s hair loss.

After you have looked up different stories, medical articles, product pages and other information, it is time to look at your situation. Think about when you first noticed the hair loss. Also, think about any changes in your life that may have occurred over the past year or so that may have brought about any change in your life. Once you have you have information on the internet and your personal story, it is time to talk to a medical professional about your condition.

Finding The Right Treatment

Understanding the causes of women’s hair loss is just the beginning. Merely knowing what causes women’s hair loss is not going to make your hair grow back. After learning what caused your hair to grow thin, it is time for you to select the best remedy for your hair loss. There are many cures for women’s hair loss, but only the ones that will address your particular situation will help you. When choosing remedies for hair loss, you must take into considerations the possible side effects that these types of treatments may have. You don’t have to make any desperate or rash decisions. Just take it one day at a time and eventually, you will see results.

While natural female hair loss can be as common as male hair loss, it is not as noticeable overall because women tend to lose their hair in patches or individual strands. Female hair loss is also much easier to correct. In most cases, the cause of female hair loss is closely related to hormonal changes, diet, medications and flat hairstyling. Fortunately, most causes of female hair loss are temporary, and the hair usually grows back. In the meantime, it can be frustrating and embarrassing. To prevent this from happening, women should change anything they can in their lifestyle to eliminate any potential cause of female hair loss.

Stress Can Be The Cause Of Female Hair Loss

One cause of female hair loss is telogen effluvium, which is produced in the body when it experiences conditions like massive infection, extreme stress, childbirth, and prolonged malnutrition. According to experts, the shedding of hair can occur up to three weeks after the body goes through this kind of stress or trauma. In most cases, hair loss can be mild to moderate, but some women do suffer significant hair loss from these conditions. There is some good news, however. The effect of these stressful or traumatic events is only temporary. Following medical advice to heal the body is the first step to recovery, and if this is the cause of female hair loss, the hair will grow back in a few months.

Too Much Styling Can Be Damaging

Another common cause of female hair loss is traction alopecia, which is the result of too much styling, pulling and tight braiding of the hair. According to experts, continually using hair curlers, ponytail holders, barrettes, and tight braids to style your hair will weaken the follicles. Unless you have to wear your hair up for work or a formal occasion, it is best to give it a rest for everyday situations. If you need to put your hair up in a more casual setting, try using a soft scrunchie instead of a harsh, heavy-duty ponytail holder. You should also try to avoid constant styling of your hair, such as teasing and straightening. As well, too many harsh chemicals like hair color and permanents can be the cause of female hair loss. If you want to bleach or color your hair, try to wait as long as possible between treatments to give your hair a chance to recover.