Reviews of Matte Lipsticks

Matte lipstick is a type of cosmetic application for the lips, and it is known for its ability to last all day. Since the introduction of matte, it has grown into a household name in the industry.

Many cosmetics companies are into the production of the matte range of lipsticks, the most notable ones among them are Revlon, Mac, Max factor, Milani, Nars e.t.c.

They are all unique in their different ways, but I will be giving a little explanation on Revlon & Mac.


Revlon matte lipstick comes in a different shade of colors that suite all skin tone, matte has been known to have a drying effect but unlike other matte lipsticks, Revlon has a dense mousse-like texture which means it glides easily across the lips which makes it the best matte lipstick.

The color is deposited evenly with a smooth and dry but not drying feel it also features a condition that protects your lips from over-drying.


This company has also made a notable impact in the range of matte lipstick. It is available in 15 colors, which are deeply pigmented without a lot of shine. It is said that the lipstick was formatted initially to stand up to the intense light and heat of photo shots.

One good thing about Mac apart from their great quality product. They encourage recycling by offering consumers a free tube of lipstick for every six empty tubes returned to Mac.


Be it Revlon, MAC, Max factor, Milani, NARS, they all come in a different range of colors that is suitable for all skin tones.

Why You Should Buy Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick has better-staying power than most other lipsticks. Firstly, it doesn’t smudge, clog up, slide around or rub off. Secondly, it survives talking and chewing and kissing; you don’t have to waste that precious moment going to the ladies. Thirdly, there is a little or no stain on the neck of water bottles or glass cups and the best of it all; it passes the white shirt test.

Things You Should Know About Matte Lipstick

Because it is Matte it intends to dry, so make sure your lips are in good condition before application, it necessary to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before application for a smooth finish. In reality, it doesn’t dry out your lips, but it would likely accentuate any dry patches already on your lips.

To enjoy the remarkable staying power of matte but yet, you don’t want it to be matte, a little gloss over the top will be better.


Although the packaging isn’t much relevant however they all come in a very nice and attractive package.

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